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Purchasing a generator for your business can help keep your business running smoothly and efficiently in the event of a power outage. 


Standby generators are an important investment for many businesses. Power outages can cause expensive and unnecessary downtime, especially if your generator fails, or functions improperly.  Contact us today to find out more information on our Commercial Preventative Maintenance plan programs.


Load Bank

Generator Load Bank testing is an important aspect of Preventative Maintenance. This is especially important for standby and emergency units that are not run or put under load very often.  Load Bank testing verifies that all the important componets of the generator are in proper working order under maximum load conditions.

Thermal Imaging is a good diagnostic tool to help detect issues within your operating/electrical system. When it comes to testing your equipment we utilize FLIR thermal imaging to detect issues. Thermal imaging utilizes different colors to diffentiate temperatures. By doing this it helps our professional be able to detect and measure infared energy to notate any breakdown or degrading of the electrical system connections. 

Fuel Polishing

Picture above is of a clients generator before and after fuel polishing completed in unit. 

People often don't think about fuel polishing when it comes to their diesel generators. However, it is a vital part of your commercial generator preventative maintenance. Fuel polishing removes the fuel out of your tank and takes it through a particulate filtering system. This helps to futher clean the fuel and help rid it of contaminants and water that may be in your system.  Once completed the fuel is then placed back into the tank.

Benefits of fuel polishing: improved system performance, having less down time, and help the quality and reliability of your generator. 

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