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When you invest in a standby generator for your home, you're also investing in peace of mind for you and your family. Whether it be to keep medical devices operational, safety and security reasons, or just for those comfort items and essentials. Our team is here to assist you throughout the entire process and help find the right generator size for your home needs. We understand that making sure your home is prepared in the event of a power outage is now more important than ever. 

Kohler Generator Authorized Dealer

As a KOHLER authorized dealer we offer sales and turn-key installation of your generator. KOHLER generators are quality-tested from start to finish to be sure they are providing a quality and reliable product that's hard-working and built to last. They are backed by a 5-year, 2,000-hour warranty, plus corrosion-proof enclosure. Contact us today for your free home consultation. Our team will work with you to find the right generator to fit all your needs. 

Repair and Troubleshooting

In this day and age power outages can happen when you least expect them. Once you lose power, you expect your generator to be able to work. Even if we didn't install your generator, and regardless of the make or model, our knowledgable and trained team is ready to take on all types of issues.  

Customized Quotes

Let our trained team of experts build a custom quote for you. When you schedule a free in home consulation with us, you can guarantee that we will assist you in helping choose the best options for your home backup power needs. We will also take to the time to answer any questions about the process or equipment you may have. 

Preventative Maintenance 

Whether we installed your generator or not,investing in a maintenance plan gives you peace of mind that your generator will work when you need it the most. Not only does it allow smaller issues to be addressed before potentially becoming bigger, more expensive ones, it also helps to prolong the life of your generator.  Give us a call to speak with us about our maintenance plans we offer.

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